Combining Cards & Character Creatively.

Just as reading tarot involves combining intuition and information, so does reading handwriting. I've been 'reading' people from their handwriting for almost 3 decades. Enter Tarot and a whole new world has opened up. Tarot and handwriting together are so much more than the sum of their two parts. They not only give you so much more information, and blend so naturally, they also inspire your intuition to go in new directions and supply you with never ending creative insights.

Anyone who has or has had an interest in Tarot or in Handwriting can jump start and fire ahead with this course, helping querents/clients more than ever before to solve their problems, make decisions, find out more about others and perhaps even more importantly, themselves.

Personal development for you as you learn it, personality development and help for querents/clients as they receive what you have to tell them using this combination of tools.

Fiona MacKay Young, Graphologist & Tarot Reader

What to expect from this Course

  • You will learn 15 Major personality traits to identify in writing
  • And 15 Minor traits.

The difference is that the Major traits appear very frequently and will be in evidence in most writing of any length.

The Minor traits are every bit as useful to find, but appear a great deal less often.

  • Each lesson is a 3 card Tarot reading plus a handwriting reading of the hypothetical client, which includes graphic illustrations of each personality trait mentioned.
  • Each personality trait that shows in the writing is described and discussed as to its meaning in general and also in light of this particular Tarot reading.
  • You learn not only how to identify the traits mentioned but you also gain live insight into how a reading 'works': how to blend the Tarot and Handwriting into one amazing whole.

There are 4 lessons/readings in each of the Major Section and the Minor Section, so 8 lessons in all.

  • There are also 4 Quizzes to check for understanding, 2 at the end of each of the Major and Minor sections.

A PDF Document is available for download which includes graphic illustrations of every Handwriting Trait shown in the course.

By the end of the course, you should be able to identify all 30 personality traits from writing and know how to easily integrate them with your Tarot Readings.

Tarot Reading with Handwriting
All cups: looks good, right?

In many ways, yes, but it will present some real challenges for this writer. Expressing emotions & creating emotion-based connections is very difficult for them, and celebrating with friends is not their favorite thing to do. It's all in the course.

6 of swords and handwriting
Who will have the harder time adapting?

The 6 of Swords, of course, means travelling from choppy waters to calmer waters, whether physically or mentally. These two writers will have a very different experience of that.

One will be calm, open to what is coming and probably enjoy, or at least make the best of the ride.

The other has real trouble with new ideas, and is very likely to become extremely emotional about it. They are therefore likely to find the journey very tough indeed.

But which is which? It's all in the course.

The Tower and handwriting
Oh dear! How will they cope?

The Tower has appeared. Who will cope with it best? There's a wealth of information in these three snippets of writing that you will learn to identify.

Each of these writers will deal with it in an entirely different way. Wouldn't that be useful information to have at your fingertips? It's all in the course.

Your investment


Tarot and the Four Zones of Handwriting

How to enliven and expand Tarot Readings with Handwriting

This course consists of two Sections, the Major and the Minor sections. Each Section consists of 4 lessons and 2 quizzes and covers 15 different personality traits and how to identify them from handwriting.

Each lesson also has a short Tarot reading and the student is guided through how to combine what they are learning to see in the writing with what the Tarot reading says.

The quizzes are a check for understanding.

There is also a downloadable PDF file with illustrations of all the traits covered in the course.